The Interview Competition is panel style and a great time to let the judges know why they should pick you as our Queen. There are no political, religious or text book questions. The judges just want to get to know who you are!  Contestants should wear business attire.

Interviews are 10 minutes.

On-Stage Q&A

Contestants will have 30 seconds to answer a random question while on stage. Contestants are not aware of questions ahead of time. 

Fashion Wear 

This is your opportunity to rock the runway!
Compete in a runway fashion show, modeling a red
carpet style outfit of your choice. This fun and
upbeat runway competition give delegate s the
freedom to showcase their modeling on a national
level stage, while showing their personality and
showing off their unique sense of fashion and style.

Photo Jun 26, 5 46 01 PM.jpg
Evening Gown

All delegates must wear a floor length gown that is age appropriate for the formal wear/evening gown competition.  Contestants are judged on grace, poise and overall presentation.

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          Divisional Awards

  • Fashion Wear

  • Photogenic

  • Platform Award

  • Evening Gown

State/International Costume - Mandatory Independent Competition

Delegates will model an outfit of their choice that represents their state or country’s nickname or theme, landmark or special symbol of their state or country. The sky’s the limit for this competition. Outfit can be embellished or decorated as the delegate chooses.

Creativity of costume, Modeling Execution, Confidence, Personality and Stage Presence.

*This is a separate scored Phase of competition, however it is not added to the total scores of the above phases of competition or holds no bearing on who wins National Titles. You can choose the music track for this phase to match your state theme. Please keep music clean.