What are your age requirements?

We are a National Pageant for girls ages 4 and up. 

(See division breakdowns in our Who May Compete? section)

Do you need experience to participate?

You do not need experience to participate.  Anyone can participate and benefit from the INP experience and even win!

Is Interview a panel or round robin style?

Interview at Nationals is panel style.  

For Interview, is there a Resume or "All About Me" sheet?

There will be a Judge's Bio sheet that you fill out where judges will form their questions. There will be no religious or political questions unless you have it on your bio sheet. 

Is INP a glitz pageant?

INP is NOT a glitz pageant, although we do love the bling! We are looking for girls that are well put together, well spoken, confident and naturally themselves. 

What are the makeup rules for girls ages 4-12?

Contestants ages 4 – 9 years are not allowed to wear make-up during interview competition. Only lip gloss will be permitted. Contestants ages 10 –12 may wear light natural make-up for Interview. All Jr Divisions (Ages 4-12) are allowed to wear light natural make-up under the harsh lights during stage competitions. 

How much does it cost? 

The fee is $600 to enter. You must pay a $50 deposit to hold your state title. Once you have paid $300, you will receive your State Queen's Box and the rest of the fees are due by deadline date. There are no hidden fees. Optionals are paid separately and there are no AD requirements.

Does INP have a non-compete clause?

We do not give permission to compete in any pageant that will inhibit a crowned state delegate to represent their title at the National Finals or complete their reign as a state/regional Queen.