What are your age requirements?

We are a National Pageant for girls ages 13 and up. 

(See division breakdowns in our Who May Compete? section)

Why Imperial Nations?

We wan to help you grow your confidence, teach you life-long skills such as interviewing, public speaking and presenting yourself in front of an audience and showing you your inner light. We want to help you expand your platform and reach a wider connection in your community. 

How can I secure Sponsors?

The best place to begin is where your family does business. Great examples are Salons, Cleaners, Insurance Companies, Banks, Doctors, Dentists, local stores and businesses, etc. Call ahead to make an appointment and dress in a professional outfit when you visit them. Visiting potential sponsors is also great practice for your interview. Most sponsors will want to ask you questions about the pageant. Sponsors will receive recognition in our program book and website and any contributions made towards your sponsor fee from a business is tax deductible for them!

Do you need experience to participate?

You do not need experience to participate.  Anyone can participate and benefit from the INP experience and even win!

Is Interview a panel or round robin style?

Interview at Nationals is panel style.  

For Interview, is there a Resume or "All About Me" sheet?

There will be a Judge's Bio sheet that you fill out where judges will form their questions. There will be no religious or political questions unless you have it on your bio sheet. 

What are the requirements for the International division?

Contestants can represent their country they currently reside in or their families heritage. They can be single, married, widowed or divorced.

Are there costs associated with competing at the National Pageant?

Yes, each contestant is responsible for paying entry fees. The entry fee covers the contestant's participation in the pageant,  ALL meals during pageant week, as well as the contestant's official sash and crown, state Queen's box, a ticket to the All White Awards Cruise Dinner, and all pageant-related activities. The 2021-22 Entry Fee is $600 and hotel accommodations should be directly paid to the host hotel. 

Does the pageant cover my transportation to Nationals?

No, each contestant is responsible for their transportation to and from the Pageant. You are also responsible for obtaining a visa and passport to travel internationally and in to the host country.

If I choose not to enter Optional Contests, will it affect my chances of winning the overall pageant?

Absolutely not! Scores from the optional contests (Talent, Photogenic, Spokesmodel, etc.) have no effect on the outcome of the overall pageant. Each optional contest is an opportunity for you to shine and be recognized in your area of interest.

Do I have to sell advertising to enter?

No, selling advertising is not required. You will be given the opportunity if you wish to sell ads to receive special prizes or awards. This is a great opportunity for you to gain recognition in your community, make sure your hometown and community are recognized in our program book. You will receive information that explains the price of the program booklet advertising and all of the prizes and awards that are available.

Is INP a glitz pageant?

INP is NOT a glitz pageant, although we do love the bling! We are looking for ladies that are well put together, well spoken, confident and naturally themselves. 

How much does it cost? 

You must pay a $50 deposit to hold your state or International title. Once you have paid half ($300), you will receive your State Queen's Box and the rest of the fees are due by deadline date. There are no hidden fees. Optionals are paid separately and there are no AD requirements.

The total sponsor fee is $600.00 and can be divided into separate payments. The sponsor fee pays for the cost of producing the pageant: awards, trophies, choreographers, emcees, lighting, sound, staging, judges’ expenses, staff, florists, hotel ballroom rental, cash awards, printed materials, office support and all of the many other things that go together to make our program the best it can be for you and your family. You may have as many or as few sponsors as you wish contributing to make up your total sponsor fee of $600. Businesses, family, friends, or fundraising activities are all great ideas for raising your sponsor fee. Without exception, sponsor fees are NON-REFUNDABLE. Remember, sponsor contributions can cover any pageant related costs, such as: Sponsor Fee, Production Number Outfit, Final Show Tickets, Optional Contests, Hotel Room, Roses, and more. So don’t stop at $6000!

Does INP have a non-compete clause?

We do not give permission to compete in any pageant that will inhibit a crowned state delegate to represent their title at the National Finals or complete their reign as a state/regional Queen.