Rules & Regulations

Entrant must be a resident of North America (including All US 
territories, Canada and Mexico) Dual residency or residence at a 
military installation is allowed. You may represent your state where 
you were born, attended or attends school, have family or own 
property, currently work or live. 
Entrant must be in good health and must be of good moral character.

Entrant has always been female and was born of such sex. 

All state title holders are requested but not required to make at least 
2-5 appearances per months before the national event.

A pageant participant holds harmless the pageant
and/or it's director(s) and staff from any and all claims for damage to 
any person or property by reason of participation in this pageant, or 
subsequent events derived from participation in this pageant.

Delegate grants permission to the pageant director to use her 
photograph or likeness for advertising purposes.

 We do not authorize or permit the use of the 
name “Imperial Nations” or any other title with respect to the 
pageant in any manner unless specifically approved by the director of 
the Imperial Nations Pageant.

For Ms. Imperial Plus division size is based on evening gown size 16W & up.

For the Mrs Division you must be married for at least 6 months and 21 
years or older. Currently residing with your husband and not separated 
or in the process of a divorce. Residency on a military base is acceptable.

All judges decisions are final.

Refunds will not be given under any 

If selected as the winner you will be required to sign a contract stating 
you will arrange and make 15 appearances during your reign.  If you 
are unwilling to sign the contract you forfeit your title.

You will receive some prizes upon winning and the remainder towards the end of your reign. 

As an Imperial Nations National titleholder, you agree not to compete 
in any other pageant that has a non-compete clause during your reign for at least 8 months. Although an online pageant, we are still looking for a Queen to represent us fully as we prepare for our LIVE pageant.