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Aiyonna Donald

Aiyonna first began to take interest in pageants when she was 14 years old. She did her first pageant, called the Pink Pageant and was crowned Pink Pageant Ambassador of 2018. She began pageants because she wanted to work on her stage presence and boost her self confidence. She goes to Pebblebrook High School Cobb County Center of Excellence in Performing Arts. She is in the 10th grade and is currently enrolled in vocal and dance. In vocal she is currently studying how to play the piano and choral music, and in dance her two main focuses are Jazz and Ballet. Recently she has found interest in acting, so she plans on and drama to her school schedule.


As a future career Aiyonna plans on doing something that involves the arts. A few choices that she has in mind are becoming a dance choreographer, Actress, or an R&B and Pop singer. She aspires to be a strong, confident leader that people can look up to. She is goal-oriented, reliable, and determined. She believes that failures are learning moments and self-discipline now brings success later.